Ever dance with a Unicorn?

Dive into the ultimate summer escape at the Unicorn Music Festival ft. The Rosebud Bowl, set in BC's breathtaking wilderness. Over three mesmerizing nights, lose yourself to electrifying EDM beats and become part of a vibrant, free-spirited community. But it's not just about the music: this festival offers a unique journey into the world of cannabis, with immersive educational experiences and opportunities for discovery. Come for the rhythm, stay for the enlightenment, and leave with unforgettable memories and newfound knowledge.

Nocturnal Beats: Unleashing the EDM Magic

Experience a symphony of starlit EDM over three unforgettable nights at the Unicorn Music Festival ft. The Rosebud Bowl. Join us for a rhythm-fueled escape in BC's spectacular wilderness!

The Rosebud Bowl: A High Note of Discovery

Ignite your cannabis curiosity at The Rosebud Bowl! Participate in Canada's first legal cannabis comparison event, an immersive journey filled with knowledge, networking, and top-notch brands.


Beyond the Beats: Wild Camping & Enthralling Attractions

Camping at the Unicorn Music Festival is an experience beyond the ordinary. Nestle into nature, set up camp in our magical forests or meadows, and let the stars be your nightlight as you relish in the whimsical attractions around you.

Don't Miss Your Chance to Shine with the Unicorns!

The forest is alive with the sound of music and the sparkle of cannabis discovery. Grab your ticket now and join us in creating unforgettable memories under the Kootenay stars. Your enchanting adventure awaits!

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