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Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson

Founder, Bubblebags

“We’ve been sharing the secrets to proper water and ice extraction for over 23 years. We helped pioneer the process and haven’t slowed down one bit.”

Marcus Richardson has been an entrepreneur interested in medicinal cannabis extraction and hemp cultivation since 1993. He is renowned for his cannabis macro photography pieces, which have been purchased by National Geographic and others. He helped pioneer hemp growing in Manitoba for the first time in 73 years . He was one of the first growers for the BC compassion club in Vancouver back in 98.

Marcus is the owner of Freshheadies, Ltd., which popularized the water extraction method with its groundbreaking eight-bag water extraction kits. Marcus’ products and writing have been featured in countless magazines, and he continues to educate the public about the use and extraction of cannabinoids for medicinal needs today with his popular Weekly Live Stream on youtube “ Hash Church”. Marcus’ next goal is a research and development company based in Kingston Jamaica . It will analyze and study the cannabinoid profiles of cultivars bred by Master Breeders and processed by Marcus and Team . He has also recently signed a deal in California to have his Bubbleman Branded Hash and Rosins sold thru out the state.

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn

Founders, Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn have been cultivating pure, closed loop cannabis for almost 3 decades. They are Humus Beings dedicated to intentionally and actively educating the cannabis industry on purity in cultivation inputs and practices. They are passionate about being a clear, conscious voice for the cannabis plant, whom has given so many healing benefits to all of humanity. They created Dragonfly Earth Medicine which is a international nutrient company and also a educational platform for Conscious Cannabis. The DEM Pure Certification has become a highly sought after, community driven, beyond organic certification. The DEM Pure Collective has over 300 members worldwide that are experts in all facets of cannabis. They continue to bring educators together to create international standards for regenerative cannabis practices that include Sungrown, Field, Extraction, Breeder and Business DEM Pure Certifications.

Jeananne Liang

cannabis educator • registered herbalist • integrative health coach,

Jeananne Laing, Cannabis Educator, Registered Herbalist (AHA), and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Executive Director at

Jeananne’s interest in the medicinal use of cannabis and other plants began at an early age and in 2016, after involvement in the herbal industry for over 15 years, the time was right to focus on helping people understand and utilize cannabis as part of their health care protocol.

As the Executive Director at CannU Educational Services, an online cannabis education provider, Jeananne is excited to work with Dr. Love and the CannU team to bring cannabis education to those seeking to learn.

Brittny Anderson

MLA, Creston-Nelson

Brittny Anderson was elected as the MLA for Nelson-Creston in 2020. She is the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism to the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport and the Premier’s Special Advisor on Youth. MLA Anderson is also a member of Treasury Board, among other committees.

Brittny grew up in Nelson and lived abroad before settling back in the Kootenays. She studied at Selkirk College and has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from UBC Okanagan and a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from the Central European University in Budapest.

Zack Paul

Founder, Northern Scientific

Bio pending

David Scott Robinson

The Garden Sage, Pacific Northwest Garden Supply

35 years in the cannabis industry.
Founder of Pacific Northwest Garden Supply Nelson
Author – The Growers Handbook (Teachings of the Garden Sage)
Director – Craft Cannabis Association
Resident Expert for the web series Growing Exposed.

Shannon Ross

CEO, Antidote Processing

Shannon Ross was a cannabis advisor at Community Futures Central Kootenay, in the heart of Canada’s legacy cannabis culture in Nelson, BC. She assisted with the Cannabis Business Transition Initiative helping legacy craft growers navigate regulatory requirements and licensing. She is a bridge between the cannabis culture and the government. With over twenty years experience working with cannabis and managing commercial organic farms she is knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable agriculture and helping craft cannabis growers plan a thriving business from the ground up.

In 2020, Shannon co-founded the Kootenay Cannabis Economic Development Council comprised of local government and the traditional cannabis community. Councils are split into Provincial and Federal Policy committees and an Appalachian committee for the future of small cannabis farms and canna-tourism opportunities. The council’s goal is to create a unified voice to support economic growth of the sector in the Kootenay region.

Shannon is the CEO of Antidote Processing Inc, a grower-owned standard processing facility. Antidotes’ goal is to provide growers with turnkey solutions from licensing to sales. Antidote is committed to social and environmental stewardship with a focus on regenerative agriculture.

Robert W.E. Laurie

Founder, Ad Lucem Law

AD LUCEM LAW CORPORATION was founded in 2013 by Robert W.E. Laurie, an international lawyer qualified in England and called to the British Columbia Bar. Robert’s legal practice focuses on commercial business, government, regulatory issues, plus charter and constitutional legalities surrounding cannabis and psychedelic plant medicines. Robert has many years of policy development and legal practice in corporate, commercial, and administrative law, plus licensing, regulatory, and constitutional charter experience concerning medical access to cannabis and psilocybin. As a lawyer in Canada, Robert works to reform drug laws. As a consultant, he devises regulatory, government policy, and business solutions for companies operating globally in the regulated food, cannabis, and psychedelic industries. Robert is Special Advisor to Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS Global), a Denver-based cannabis management consultancy firm operating globally. Robert serves as a board advisor to the Psychedelic Association of Canada, and the Last Prisoner Project, and formerly with MAPS (Canada). In addition, Robert is an advisor to the Heroic Hearts Project, a founder of the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy, and a director of the Ecuador Amazon Restoration Project.
Robert has been working and advocating tirelessly as a lawyer to improve medical patient access to cannabis, psychedelics, and sacred plant medicines and facilitate drug laws to better society. Robert advised Dr. Bruce Tobin and the TheraPsil Alliance litigation team (first Section 56 CDSA medical exemption for psilocybin in Canada). He was one of the Decriminalize Nature Canada Petition drafters, part of a national campaign to decriminalize restricted plant medicines and fungi in Canada. His goal is to help provide more options for doctors and treatments for anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD. Robert is an acclaimed international speaker, presenting at conferences and events on the laws surrounding cannabis, psychedelic, and entheogenic medicines in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Jack Lloyd

Associate Lawyer, Tousaw Law Corp

Jack Lloyd, Barrister & Solicitor is a cannabis lawyer practicing across Canada excluding Quebec. He articled with Lewin & Sagara LLP, a cannabis law firm in Toronto. After finishing articling he joined Tousaw Law Corporation where he worked as an Associate until the firm closed in 2018 at which time he began Lloyd Law Professional Corporation where he is now the principal lawyer. Tousaw Law Corporation was Canada’s foremost cannabis litigation boutique and was the firm responsible for R v Smith 2015 SCC 34 which was the per curiam decision from the Supreme Court of Canada which legalized cannabis edibles (and other extracts and derivative medicines) for medical cannabis patients in Canada. His practice consists primarily of criminal and constitutional litigation relating to medical cannabis regulation as well as consultancy work relating to the cannabis industry. He has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario and British Columbia, as well as the Supreme Court of Canada, always in relation to cannabis. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he was the editor at Green Candy Press, the world’s largest publisher of books about the cannabis plant. He continues to edit select titles for Green Candy Press, including an update to Greg Green’s seminal book on cannabis genetics, The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible, as well as several cannabis cookbooks, including The Ganja Kitchen Revolution and Marijuana Chef Cookbook. He is the President of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada (NORML Canada) where he advocates for sensible regulations concerning cannabis in Canada.

John Conroy

Founder, Conroy & Company

Mr. Conroy is a Barrister and Solicitor who graduated from the University of British Columbia Law School in 1971 and was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1972. He has his own law firm, Conroy & Company, based in Abbotsford, British Columbia and his practice is primarily as Defence counsel in criminal matters with an additional focus on sentencing and post-sentencing matters which involves an extensive administrative law and constitutional law practice. From 1975 – 1980 he was the Director of Abbotsford Community Legal Services. From 1980 – 1990 he was the Director of British Columbia Prison Legal Services. He was the Chairman of the Committee on Corrections & Institutions of the Canadian Bar Association (B.C. branch) from 1978-1979. He was a Member and then Chair, CBA National Task Force on Imprisonment and Release from 1985 – 1988. He was the Chairman of the Committee on Imprisonment and Release of the National Criminal Justice Section of the Canadian Bar Association from 1988 to 2001. He is a Member of the Board of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law. In 1992 Mr. Conroy was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation for significant contributions to Canada, community and fellow Canadians. In January 1996 Mr. Conroy was appointed Queen’s Counsel. In August 2005 he was awarded the Gold medal of the International Society for the Reform of the Criminal Law in recognition of his contribution to the goals of the Society. In 2012 he received the Queens Diamond Jubilee medal. He was awarded the 2014 Liberty Award by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association for Excellence in Legal Advocacy. In 2015 he received from the Office of the Correctional Investigator for Canada, the Ed McIsaac Human Rights in Corrections Award.

Jane Calm

Founder, Jane Calm

I am an emotional detective, gifted in the art of unravelling relationship traps and communication breakdowns. Having successfully overcome several addictions I am able to offer effective methods and support to aid you in doing the same.

Relationship harmony and conflict resolution are my therapeutic strengths. I am accepting and open to all lifestyle choices and sexual orientations.

I have experienced abuse, both physically and emotionally, and I truly see the trauma, confusion and ultimately the innocence in us all.

The path to healing involves clear boundaries and a deep understanding of how childhood traumas inform our adult relationships. Every person is entirely unique therefore the step by step path to self love and self awareness is something we will create together.

Steve Crichton

Director of Education & Corporate Development, Green Hedge

Flat out, Steve’s passion is cannabis & culture. He’s been immersed in the industry since the mid 90’s, from a grower to running the daily operations of a genetics company, to owning his own retail store.

Steve has been advocating for patient access and building high level relationships within the community. Previous collaborations and partnerships with DJ Short, Legend Seeds & Chimera Genetics.

Coming over from Ethical Profiling in 2018, where he was the west coast sales director for close to 10 years, Steve’s focus has been on cannabis education, brand building, sales and corporate development.

His mission at Green Hedge is to build connective tissue within the new legal cannabis market and infuse it with the legacy culture.