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The Banner Unicorn


BC-born company specializing in irrigation control systems and soil moisture automation for specialty crops. From droughts to extreme weather, the climate crisis has posed unprecedented challenges for growers. Verdi works closely with farmers to design core technology that enables them to keep pace with climate change. We build innovative tools with farmers so their operations become climate resilient. We work with big and small customers across BC and California.


The Platinum Unicorns


We grow brands in the cannabis industry by providing quality creative services and delivering impactful, visually-driven solutions that educate and entertain.

We’re here to make a positive impact and lift each other up. We work hard to take care of ourselves, each other, and what’s around us with every single decision we make.


A high proficiency analytical services company focused on ensuring safe and consistent cannabis products for the Canadian and Global Markets.

We are committed to improving the cannabis industry, not merely supporting it.


At CannaGreen Packaging our mission is to provide the cannabis industry with fully integrated, eco-conscious, and reliable packaging solutions. CannaGreen’s Packaging designs are versatile and have the ability to be used for multiple cannabis formats. By choosing to participate in the stocking program, customers have the opportunity to customise their packaging colours and design to match their brand and products.


Ad Lucem, an international legal and consulting practice based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, has been instrumental in supporting policy reform, constitutional challenges, and business development since its inception in 2013, earning founder Robert W.E. Laurie recognition as a skillful lawyer, valued industry consultant, and requested public speaker.


The Gold Unicorns

Nocturne Sound System is a community driven high fidelity sound system and arts movement. Working alongside diverse, innovative artists and events, Nocturne is focused on fostering inclusive spaces and community engagement through our shared love of music, gathering, and sound system culture.

The Nelson PNW location has been dedicated to providing the best products and service to our clients for over 20 years. We are working together to push the heights of Canadian Craft. We appreciate you.

Supplier of grow mediums, climate control, fertilizers, IPM products, extraction equipment, lighting, literature, consulting, amazing customer service and much more!



ZipMaster Supply Co. is a BC family-owned business formed by the collaborative team of Kim Barton, an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience manufacturing, importing, exporting and distributing essential commodities to businesses in the private sector, including Reusable, Paper and various Food Bags, POS supplies, and retail other essentials, and James Olineck a 35-year former legacy and ACRMP grower, and formulator of two Health Canada approved and marketed products and upcoming formulations.

Canna Green logo

CannaGreen Packaging Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer, supplier, and service provider to the cannabis industry. We are located just outside of Calgary in the city of Airdrie. Our experienced team offers enthusiasm and simple, cost-effective solutions to help grow your business.

wildfire logo

Wildfire Productions Glass Art Studio was developed from a small torch to a full public studio by glass artists Brook Hoskins and Kristan Green. During the summer of 2012, Wildfire moved the entire shop 2000 miles to the inspiring and peaceful mountains of the Slocan Valley. In an attempt to provide for our artists we have expanded to 4 torch stations, many annealers, a glass lathe, coldworking equipment, an electric furnace, a glory hole and so much more.  With the help of a strong supporting group of locals, Wildfire is once again creating an open environment for beginning glassworkers.

llc jack logo

Jack Lloyd, Barrister & Solicitor is a cannabis and psychedelics lawyer based in Toronto. He articled with Lewin & Sagara LLP, a cannabis law firm in Toronto. After finishing articling he began working with Tousaw Law Corporation where he worked until the firm closed in 2018 at which time he began Lloyd Law Professional Corporation where he is now the principal lawyer. Tousaw Law Corporation was Canada’s foremost cannabis litigation boutique and was the firm responsible for R v Smith 2015 SCC 34 which was the per curiam decision from the Supreme Court of Canada which legalized cannabis edibles (and other extracts and derivative medicines) for medical cannabis patients in Canada.


The Local Unicorns

Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly Earth Medicine is dedicated to pure regeneratives. We believe that pure medicine, means just that. We do not work with synthetics, animal products or fad ingredients. We have let Mother Nature be our mentor.


Frankia Fertilizers manufactures and distributes organic fertilizer and soil amendment products to build soil health and grow healthy plants.

We consider soil health critically important to our society. Soil produces the food we depend on, hosts a complex web of symbiotic living organisms, and is one of our planet’s greatest carbon sinks.

Terese Bowors Logo

Terese Bowors, an unyielding Chronic Illness Thriver, has journeyed on a 15-year wellness odyssey. Navigating through hardships, she harnesses the power of plant medicine, gardening, and meditation to sculpt her holistic self-care rituals. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Coach, Educator, and captivating Public Speaker, Terese embodies resilience in her relentless pursuit of wellness.

Cannabis Law writes awesome legal opinions and contracts to protect your business interests and, if necessary, litigates against your enemies.

kind logo

Kind is an inclusive, “live your best life,” 19+ print magazine and online community. We try to bring something to the table for everyone in each edition. If you enjoy reading, here is a long-format interview and short essay. If you just want to breeze through and pick up some tips, check out some reviews or enjoy some epic photography– we’ve got you!

cwic logo

Canadian Women in Cannabis—or CWIC (pronounced ‘quick’) is the channel that unites women (and women-identifying folk) involved in the cannabis/hemp &industry in Canada and worldwide. Advancing the acceptance of the historically feminine nature of cannabis and for the de-stigmatization of it in the spaces we live and breathe.By collaborating, sharing, and amplifying our voices.

Kubera Payments helps you find the best payment technology at aggressive pricing. Kubera is recommended by the BC Chamber of Commerce, the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association and the BC Beauty Council. We would be proud to provide you with a no-cost, no-commitment proposal if you need payment acceptance or merchant services.

Full Spectrum Marketing Logo

Full Spectrum is dedicated to offering social media solutions to cannabis businesses seeking to establish or enhance their online presence, with a focus on content creation, strategy and creating a community on social media platforms. We prioritize communication, integrity, and sustainability in all our endeavours, fostering strong relationships with clients and collaborators alike.

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Canadian Women in Cannabis—or CWIC (pronounced ‘quick’) is the channel that unites women (and women-identifying folk) involved in the cannabis/hemp &industry in Canada and worldwide. Advancing the acceptance of the historically feminine nature of cannabis and for the de-stigmatization of it in the spaces we live and breathe.By collaborating, sharing, and amplifying our voices.


The Golden Unicorns

stratcan logo

StratCann delivers timely news updates, industry insights, compelling business profiles, and unique events, offering comprehensive coverage of the ever-evolving legal cannabis landscape. From influential figures to regulatory developments, StratCann caters to industry leaders, license holders, producers, laboratories, retailers, policymakers, and the wider community.

At Orcafin Web Solutions, we empower our clients and their communities by crafting websites, applications, and strategies that resonate with their business aspirations and objectives. As a team that believes in collaboration, we work together to achieve outstanding results by incorporating sustainable practices into our work, ensuring our solutions are as environmentally friendly as possible.

high Canada Magazine logo

High! Canada Magazine is Canada’s premier and longest running cannabis culture platform. Publication of the Year 2023, Best Online News Source 2022 and an established Leader in creating trusted experiences.


The Guardian Unicorn


Russell Bennett, B.Sc., LL.B. is an expert cannabis lawyer, who founded the law firm Cannabis Law, Barristers & Solicitors to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow.