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915 Rosebud Lake Rd | Salmo, BC

The Unicorn Music Festival is held at the stunning Rosebud Lake in the beautiful West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. The location is remote yet easily accessible within 20 min of Salmo, BC, and less than an hour from Nelson, BC.

Salmo, BC to Rosebud Lake

46 min (25.2 km)

  1. Head southwest on Nelson Nelway Hwy/Railway Ave/BC-6 S toward Main St – 600m
  2. Turn left onto BC-3 E/BC-6 S (signs for Creston/USA Border) – 14.1 km
  3. Turn right onto BC-6 S (signs for USA Border) – 8.2 km
  4. Turn left onto Rosebud Lake Rd – 2.3 km

Nelson, BC to Rosebud Lake

1 hr 16 min (66.0 km)

  1. Head southwest on Vernon St/BC-3A toward Stanley St – 900m
  2. Continue onto Nelson Nelway Hwy/Ymir Rd/BC-6 N (signs for Salmo) – 40.5 km
  3. Turn left onto BC-3 E/BC-6 S (signs for Creston/USA Border) – 14.1 km
  4. Turn right onto BC-6 S (signs for USA Border) – 8.2 km
  5. Turn left onto Rosebud Lake Rd – 2.3 km

Meet Our Team

We are cannabis professionals and enthusiasts fostering a conscious community through discussions of sustainable, innovative ideas. Uniting diverse talents driven by passion, we promote regenerative practices and businesses within the industry.

Our mission is to create an unforgettable festival experience that inspires and connects attendees to their surroundings and community through world-class music, art, and a holistic lifestyle approach.

Che’s headshot

Che Leblanc

Che Leblanc, a visionary with a green thumb and a knack for creating memorable experiences, is the dynamic force behind The Unicorn Music Festival and Rosebud Cannabis Farms. Calling picturesque Kootenays, BC home, his passion for nature and commitment to sustainable farming practices led to the creation of Rosebud Cannabis - a living soil, regenerative farming licensed producer. Che's love for music and community, combined with his can-do attitude, subsequently sparked the inception of The Unicorn Music Festival. His inspiring journey, steeped in a deep connection with the land, the community, and the magical world of music, has cemented him as a luminary in the world of regenerative farming, cannabis and events. With a twinkle in his eye and a ready smile, Che continues to sprinkle the world with unicorn magic, one festival at a time!
Executive Director

Krystal Walters

With a kaleidoscope of talents and an unquenchable passion for community and cannabis, Krystal Autumn is the vibrant Executive Producer of The Unicorn Music Festival. A pioneering spirit in the legacy cannabis industry of California, Krystal's in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the world of extracts, have honed her into a multifaceted industry expert. Infusing every aspect of the festival with her infectious energy, unwavering passion, and deep love for community, Krystal creates an immersive, unforgettable experience for attendees. Her strength lies in her ability to nurture connections - between people, music, and the enchanting world of cannabis - crafting a magical landscape where every festival-goer feels like a part of the Unicorn family. In the harmonious realm of music and cannabis, Krystal is our dazzling conductor, orchestrating an extraordinary symphony of unity, joy, and unforgettable memories.
Executive Unicorn

Anne Harris

Meet Anne, our indispensable Executive Unicorn, Anne embodies the essence of our harmonious celebration, infusing every aspect with her boundless passion and unwavering dedication. With a profound love for nature and a free-spirited hippy soul, Anne is more than just a key member of the Executive team; she's a guiding light, inspiring those around her with her reliability, enthusiasm, and genuine kindness. Her dedication to empowering people to embrace and cultivate community is evident in every interaction, embodying the very essence of The Unicorn Music Festival.
Anne's organizational prowess is legendary, seamlessly weaving together the myriad elements that create our enchanting experience. Her multitasking abilities are second to none, ensuring that every aspect aligns perfectly with the festival's melody of celebration.
In the heart of our festival, Anne's presence is felt like a gentle breeze, guiding us on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and elevated vibrations. She is the backbone of our celebration, the guardian of our harmony, and the embodiment of everything we strive to be. Join us in honoring Anne, our Executive Unicorn whose passion and vision bring the magic of The Unicorn Music Festival to life.
Volunteer Coordinator

Carolyn Bilben

Meet our Volunteer Coordinator extraordinaire Carolyn, the mastermind orchestrating our volunteer brigade with flair and finesse! With her boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, Carolyn makes every task feel like a party – because at the Unicorn Music Festival, even work feels like play! Born and raised on the farm, she's no stranger to rolling up her sleeves and getting things done with a smile. But don't let her farm roots fool you – Carolyn's also a master of creativity and organization, turning each volunteer shift into a whimsical adventure! Armed with her BA in English and a knack for party planning, she's the ultimate multitasking maven. From wrangling volunteers to fine-tuning schedules, Carolyn ensures our team hits all the right notes, creating a symphony of success. After all, with Carolyn at the reigns, every moment is a chance to sprinkle a little magic into the Unicorn Music Festival.
Volunteer Manager

Tannis Sengar

Meet Tannis, our vibrant Volunteer Manager extraordinaire at The Unicorn Music Festival! Stepping into her second year with the team, she brings a blend of teaching experience and a passion for cannabis education to the table. With her, every volunteer is in for a magical journey, ensuring everyone feels organized and welcomed into their festival roles. Tannis' infectious enthusiasm and knack for facilitation make her the perfect guide through the ins and outs of event production. We're grateful to have her leading our volunteer family, uniting us all with her warmth and friendship!
Book Keeper

Candice Prince

Meet Candice, our dedicated bookkeeper of the Unicorn Music Festival. With a knack for numbers and a flair for event planning, she brings order to chaos with ease. Outside the office, she's a nature enthusiast, often camping and hiking with her teenage son and gigantic lap dog, Baloo. Known for her infectious laughter and fun-loving nature, Candice adds a touch of joy to every task. At Unicorn Music Festival, she ensures smooth financial operations behind the scenes, making sure every beat is accounted for. Candice isn't just a bookkeeper; she's the festival's backline, keeping the rhythm alive.

IG @candiceprince6

V.I.U Coordinator

Sarah Smith

Meet Sara, our outgoing and energetic Very Important Unicorn Coordinator at this year‘s Unicorn Music Festival. Sara‘s enthusiasm for community bonding shines as she warmly welcomes this lucky group of people in our enchanted wonderland, curating an unforgettable festival experience. Her knack for sparkle and friendly disposition make her the perfect liaison to the vibes, the grounds and the magik! With Sarah leading the way, our Very Important Unicorns transcend into a realm of enchantment, to discover all the wonders at The Unicorn Music
Project Coordinator

Terese Bowors

Terese, the Project Coordinator at Unicorn Music Festival, finds solace in daily naps, her DIY spirit evident in her love for crafting and attention to life's finer details. As a co-creator of the event space, she thrives with a passion for cannabis and spirituality, of which she teaches with zeal, while embracing a lifestyle of plant medicine and biohacking for wellness. Known as the Cannabis Yoda, she juggles motherhood and chronic illness with unwavering hope. With diverse experience spanning teaching, entrepreneurship, and gardening, her intuition guides her as a 2200-day+ meditator. She brings a wealth of incredible insights and beautiful direction to the entire event space through her depth of knowledge and network of wisdomkeepers and healers. Terese, a seeker of 'Ah Ha' moments, thrives on meaningful connections and self-care, forever evolving on her journey. She emanates an easeful flow in all she brings as a cornerstone of The Unicorn Music Festival’s operations.