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Stay calm and Party on: Befriend your nervous System

By September 1, 2021No Comments

At our Machu Picchu Healing Center, we will have Suki Fox, Wellness Practitioner on Sunday 11:30am to 12:30pm who will be offering a Repatterning Healing Circle to help you heal and enjoy your time at The Unicorn Cup! You will receive a map of the grounds and areas when you arrive so check it out as well as the other programs when you get it!

Program Details

Access the power of your own nervous system to easily re-set yourself to return more quickly to enjoying yourself if anything throws you off. Drop-in for 10 minutes or stay for the hour and you will pick up something that you can use right away! Discover the fun and effective tools of Brain gym, and other easy-to-remember techniques that will quickly calm your nervous system and allow you to use the logic centers of your whole brain. Learn helpful tips to enhance your integration and enjoyment of the altered states of Cannabis and other Entheogens, and ways to help navigate experiences and journeys successfully.

Sometimes you get stressed by a setback, like losing track of friends, your stuff, or worse. This might affect your experience and those that are with you. It’s hard to move on sometimes and come back into the moment at festivals and in life too. What if you could do a quick re-set and come back into the moment? Learn essential life hacks and tools that you will use every day to re-center and restore your balance whenever you need to.

Who is Suki Fox?

Suki P Fox is a Teacher and Wellness Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in health and wellness support. Helping people shift with Resonance Repatterning sessions for over 20 years, she is one of the few practitioners of this amazing process available in Canada today.